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Newspapers contain names of people, businesses, places and incidents.

This Indexed site contains detail of these. Names are repeated for every article or issue, as they were printed. This is to allow for various reasons of research.

Most names recorded are local. Where names out of the area are mentioned, these are recorded. However less detail is listed, as it can be found elsewhere.

Some names are repeated in an issue, according to the source.

As much detail as possible has been listed, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Bankruptcy, Criminal Proceedings, Trades and Professions, Auctions, Sales of Houses and Articles, Public Notices, Advertisements, Local News, Foreign News, Meetings and Parish News.

Occupations include, Farmers, Beer House Keepers, Plumbers, Engineers, Seedsmen, Laborers, Politicians, Clergymen, Shopkeepers, Printers, Solicitors, Auctioneers, Judges, Councilors, Soldiers, Sailors, Lords, Ladies, and others including some of dubious character.

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